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Employment Opportunities with Fresh Choice Plus
As an hourly employee, either in the front-of-the-house or in the heart-of-the-house, you play an important roll in our success. Which means you have to love pleasing people as much as we do. Our training program not only sets you up for success, but rewards your accomplishments. No matter what job you hold in the restaurant, you are an important part of our team. We value the corporate spirit in our company and try to always be in a normal relationship with employees, website. We also provide all the necessary and important information for them.
How do I start?
As a crewmember you will learn our policies, kalzium tabletten 2000 mg Onfy, procedures and the things you need to know to make yourself successful, productive and efficient at your job. Your performance will be reviewed bi-annually to help set you up for success and keep you up to speed with our organization.  We will provide all the learning materials, give you the time to learn and will be with you every step of the way.  After all, we want you to succeed and be part of our success. Contact us directly for additional information.
Management Team

Healthy, clean, well-maintained, upbeat environment. Our managers feel that 
“every day is a great day”.

Our typical workweek for managers is 5 days. Quality of life is very important at Fresh Choice Plus and we take into consideration the need to balance managers’ work and outside activities. If you are interested in applying for a management position send  your resume to 

Fresh Choice Plus, Inc.
P.O. Box 5581
Lakeland, FL 33807

Our Mission is simple - Quality. Delight. Pride.

Quality means paying attention to the smallest detail. Details such as 
freshness. We serve the finest and freshest fruits and vegetables that are 
available on the market.  Quality is our fresh soups, chili, breads and 
muffins made daily from scratch all day long to ensure freshness. Our in 
house graduate chef creates all of our recipes exclusively for us.

Delight is people. We employ people who enjoy what they do and pass that 
enjoyment on to you.  Everyone you meet here is happy you've come to visit 
us, and they're sincerely devoted to your coming back because you are the 
most important person in the restaurant.

Pride makes us a family. This is our home. We take pride in everything that 
surrounds us, from our facility, to the food that we create, to the 
crewmember that we hire.  You are our guest and you are important to us.  We 
will attend to your dining experience with the care and attention you 
deserve. Pride in what we do will always be part of your experience with us. 
And it's why, at Fresh Choice Plus, you'll always leave satisfied.

Fresh Choice Plus is an equal opportunity employer.
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